What to have at the birth:
  • For MUM
    Pj’s & dressing gown
    Clean clothes for the next few days (if in hospital)
    Plenty of underwear
    Toiletries, including sanitary pads
    Energy drink (diluted)
    Food snacks for both Mum and Dad

  • For BABY
    Nappies/wet wipes
    Cotton Singlet or bodysuit
    Stretch n grow or nightie
    Woollen cardigan
    Woollen hat
    Woollen singlet or bodysuit
    Woollen/cotton blanket

Choosing a Car Seat

Ensure the car seat is a NZ approved infant car seat and in good condition.  Newborn car seats must be rear facing.  When you choose your car seat make sure you understand how to properly fit it in your car, adjust the straps, sit your baby comfortably, and close the buckle.